Our volunteers are essential both to the running of the parish’s day-to-day operations and to our outreach to the many visitors and disadvantaged people who find their way to our church. Our areas of volunteering appeal to a variety of temperaments and aptitudes, and in most cases the necessary skills can be learned on the job. For further information about any of the following, or to get involved, please contact the parish office.

Cana shelter

Our Saturday-night shelter for homeless men, which operates in conjunction with Cana Communities and with our sister parish of St Barnabas Broadway (Barney’s) needs volunteers for three areas, which operate on an approximately monthly roster: men who sleep over for the night, men or women who help set up the shelter and prepare a meal, men or women who take home bedding for laundering.


The church is open every weekday. It is staffed by volunteer vergers who greet visitors and serve coffee and sandwiches to anyone in need. Vergers also keep an eye on the security of the church. Vergers are rostered for a morning or an afternoon every two weeks.

Morning tea & breakfast teams

On Sundays, breakfast is served after the 7.30 am mass, and tea and coffee are served after the 9 am and 10.30 am masses.  Volunteers help with serving these refreshments and with cleaning up afterwards. This form of volunteering is well suited to newcomers, as a way of coming into contact with a large number of worshippers.

Brass cleaning

Brass cleaners maintain the many pieces of plate that are seen in the church or used in services.

Flower arranging

Flower arrangers procure and arrange the glorious displays that appear in the church on most Sundays.

Belltower Books

Our bookshop, Belltower Books, with outlets near the front door of the church and in the hall, opens on Sundays and special occasions. As well as an outstanding selection of books, Belltower also sells cards, wrapping paper, and gifts. All volunteers are welcome, but if you have experience in retailing or the book trade you will be doubly welcome.


A team of servers assists at all Sunday services. It is normally expected that you will have worshipped at the church for some time before joining the servers’ team.


Sidespersons greet worshippers at Sunday services, hand out service books, and take up the offertory collection. It is normally expected that you will have worshipped at the church for some time before volunteering as a sidesperson.


There is a roster for reading lessons and prayers at some Sunday services. It is an advantage to have experience in speaking audibly before good-sized audiences.

Sunday School

Our Sunday School takes place during the 9 am mass on Sundays. Inquiries from people with experience as professional educators are especially welcome.

Publishing & office support

Publications such as our weekly pewsheets and our quarterly parish magazine, The Deacon’s Treasure, require volunteers for many tasks, from editorial work to physically assembling and mailing out copies.