Term 2 Starts THIS Sunday

Term 2 Starts THIS Sunday

Holy Week has started joyfully with our Palm Sunday procession. A big thank-you to all the teachers and parents for their enthusiastic participation. I am very grateful to Sylvie for her organisation and championing of this event. It was really lovely to see the children in the procession and their smiles were only outshone by some of the senior members of the 9am congregation who really enjoyed seeing the children participating in the service.  A special thanks to Liz Davies who put up with being accidently donged on the head with an inflatable palm tree right around the church.

PalmSundaySSWe will have a children’s activity at the 10am Stations of the Cross Service on Good Friday (making the resurrection gardens) and children can join us for Easter activities and an Easter egg hunt at the 9am Easter Sunday Service.

Sunday School resumes for Trinity Term on 30 April. As is now our custom, we will be celebrating the beginning of term by going to Yum Cha after the 9am service on the 30th of April.  All welcome, teachers, parents, grandparents, friends etc.

Sunday School Movie and Games Night.  Mark the date in your diary, drop the kids off (5years +) at CCSL and pick them up at 9 (or earlier if that’s too late for littlies). We’ll have some dinner, play some games and watch a movie. Speak to Melinda or Francesca to RSVP or for any questions. We hope to make it a fun night for the kids and for the parents to have a few hours off.


As an outreach activity to local families and those with school age  children who work in the city we are holding a Funday on the pupil-free day of term 3, 17th July.  We would love to see all our Sunday School kids here-it’s a great way for the kids to get to know each other better and have some fun as well as for the church to serve the local community. We will have drop off from 8.30am and pickup until 5.30pm, so perfect if you work in the city. Children can attend for all or part of the day.  Please speak to Melinda for further information.