Donating Online

Your donation will help to ensure the preservation of our historic buildings, traditions and heritage for future generations. Visitors and friends of CCSL can donate to our church via Paypal’s secure online system.

Click here to make a one-off donation, or to set up a recurring direct debit.

Other ways to help

From time to time, parishioners and friends express their wish to make a gift to the parish for a particular purpose, or in memory of a loved one. The parish maintains a gift list which has been assembled to provide a wide range of suggestions, covering most areas of our activity. Most are one-off items, but some might be longer-term commitments. In some cases we have estimated a dollar sum, but in other cases the items have not yet been costed or are open-ended in nature. Anyone interested in giving to the parish is most welcome to discuss their ideas or wishes with the rector or one of the wardens.

Click here to download the parish gift list.


Christ Church St Laurence is grateful for the many bequests, large and small, that it has received over many years, and continues to receive, from parishioners and friends. These gifts have endowed the parish with a treasured material and financial patrimony. If you wish to remember us in your will, please be aware that bequests of money, unless they are for a specifically stated purpose within a parish, flow to the diocese. In order to be certain that your bequest will be retained by the parish, please see the suggested form of words when leaving a bequest.