Lent Term Update

Lent Term Update

Lent term had a busy start with the Blessing of the Backpacks, a Sunday School ‘picnic’ for Yum Cha at a local restaurant and we are now gearing up for Easter festivities.

SSJnrHighThe children have settled really well into the 2017 Sunday School year and are enjoying the new format of coming together to pray and sing and then splitting into smaller groups by age. This has allowed the teachers to more adequately cater to each child’s developmental stage and the children seem to be enjoying their age appropriate activities more.  A big thank-you to the teachers for embracing this change and being ready to teach more often to facilitate 2 classes each week.

The Sunday School group have enjoyed hearing Gospel stories, singing and doing craft. They particularly enjoyed making scenes of Nicodemus’s visit to Jesus-an excuse to use glittery stars-is always welcome!

Our Junior High group has made a leap into a more mature approach to Bible Study. Don’t be alarmed if your child can’t yet articulate a “take home” verse or message from each class. We are enjoying wondering and exploring the questions that everyone-including teachers are asking  and trying to discern the meaning/s behind some of the difficult passages we have read. The level of engagement and critical thinking we have in this group is so exciting I want to share some of it with you:

“Jesus wants people to follow God, not rules.”

“I really like how this Gospel story includes things from the Old Testament…”

“I don’t know what Jesus means about His Father’s work-is that finishing creation?”

Grab Some Tea & Toast before/on your way to 9am Church.teatoast
Sometimes Sunday mornings are a real rush, if you had breakfast at 5am or didn’t manage it at all, we are putting out some provisions for a light breakfast before church for parents. Let Francesca or me know if this is a help/we should continue to do so/if you’d like to help with this hospitality.

Just for Fun!

Mothering Sunday is coming up, can you identify these mothers of the Bible?

Quiz Biblical Mums