Calling all Artists

Calling all Artists

One of our Parish activities is the production of “The Deacon’s Treasure” a quarterly magazine that features contributions from the congregation around a particular theme.


The theme for our next edition is the deacon’s treasure. You are no doubt aware of the Story of St Laurence, the Archdeacon of Rome, who in 258AD was commanded by the Prefect of Rome to deliver the riches of the church. St Laurence distributed as much of the church’s property to the poor as he could and at the time appointed to deliver the treasures, he presented the crippled, the poor, the blind and the suffering as the treasures of the church. He was martyred for his defiance.

homelessPicThe editors of the Deacon’s Treasure have invited the Sunday School/Junior High members to contribute a piece of artwork inspired by the theme of the Deacon’s treasure for the next edition of our Parish magazine.  Ideally this would be a drawing, painting etc on an A4 sized piece of paper. I understand the editors will make a collage from the submitted works and it will form the centrefold of the magazine. Please give these works to one of the Sunday School teachers or Sylvie on or before 17 JUNE to be considered for publication.

Here is some inspiration, but the only limit is your imagination!